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Céline's travelogue: Seoul

If you've been following me for the past couple weeks you might know that I've been to Asia for some curling events (more on this later). First stop on my trip was Korea, and albeit there was a lot of work to be done I managed to squeeze in a couple of days between events to go and visit Seoul where I've spent most of my time stalking a blonde Canadian (my travel companion Emily, who was in fact mostly okay with me creepily walking behind her taking pictures).

Seoul was a city I've never really thought about visiting before, but what can I say... it completely stole my heart and run away with it. Within the short period of time that I've been there I fell utterly in love with this place. Everything was just so (wait for it, Emily) overwhelming. In a good way though. The people, the buildings, the lights and of course all the incredible food. Whether it was Korean BBQ or the countless amazing street food stands - it's probably a good thing I've only stayed 4 days or I would have easily doubled in size.

Everywhere we went was something new and exciting and I felt like I need at least a extra pair of eyes to process everything. Coming from a small village in the Swiss Alps big cities have always held a special kind of fascination for me, but Seouls dimensions were on another level from everything I've experienced before. Talking about being from a small village, one of my highlights of the trip was actually seeing one of oldest childhood friends again, who just moved to Seoul for a semester abroad. I didn't even know about it until a few days prior when my mom told me about it, who in turn learned about it from my friend's mother. Typical small town stuff I suppose. I haven't seen my friend in ages, although we've pretty much spent our whole life together until we graduated high school. Funny that of all the places in the world we would see each other again here. But when in Seoul... right?

I don't think I'm gonna forget about these 4 way too short days in quite a while. It was an incredible experience. Thanks to Emily who was a great travel companion and put up with my constant picture taking. Glad I could amuse you with constant being blown away-ness. To Mok, who took so much time for us to show us his city and the secret way of the Soju. Having you with us was such great fun! And of course Seoul for being breathtaking. I can't wait to be coming back!

But enough of my ramblings, it doesn't do justice to this amazing city , but hopefully you'll get an impression of my trip through the pictures I took. Enjoy!

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